Our goals


ICJ-Sweden is an association of lawyers with the task of promoting human rights and the application of the rule of law. ICJ-Sweden works for strengthening of the individual’s fundamental rights and freedoms and for the individual’s right to judicial review of those rights and freedoms through the courts.

ICJ-Sweden will seek to:

• that public power is exercised by the laws and principles of international law
• Sweden to fulfill its international obligations,
• that the individual’s rights and freedoms are strengthened,
• the rule of law, equality before the law and non-discrimination should characterize all exercise of power,
• that the individual has the right to a fair trial of violations of their rights and freedoms and the right to compensation on account of such violations;
• that those who violate human rights are held accountable and
• to judges, prosecutors and other legal professionals to be independent and free to operate without undue pressure.