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Street Law Academy


How we began

Street Law began in 1972, when a small group of Georgetown University Law Center students developed an experimental curriculum to teach District of Columbia high school students about law and the legal system. Because of its practical nature, the course was called “Street Law.” Over time, the Street Law curriculum evolved from a binder of loose-leaf lesson plans to a range of programs and publications designed to enhance the teaching of practical law, crime prevention, conflict resolution, youth advocacy, and the fundamental principles of democracy.

During the fall of 2013 the lawyer and ICJ Sweden board member Naiti del Sante came up with the idea to take the concept of Street Law to Sweden. With the vision of a community that works on many levels at the same time in order to work with questions related to human rights, Ms del Sante arranged a pilot program during the spring 0f 2014 were 17 law students from Stockholm University and Uppsala University were selected.

What we do

Street Law develops classroom and grassroots programs that educate students and communities about law, democracy, and human rights. The main part of our work are professional development programs that are focused on training law students—to become effective Street Law educators and ambassadors for our program. During 12 weeks the students get training from the very best in the field duringand additional training from teachers with many years in experience of teaching children in order to put together relevant classes for the children. They will then go out to schools and hold practical trainings for them.  Our approach is practical, relevant, and experiential, blending legal content with innovative hands-on teaching strategies that actively engage students and program participants in the learning process. By helping to improve the teaching of law and understanding of relevant legal principles, Street Law empowers youths and adults to use their knowledge to solve problems and better their communities, and motivates them to become active participants in society.

Who we serve

Teachers and Educators

If you’re a teacher, principal, or school administrator looking to engage your students around issues of law, democracy, and human rights, we can help. Street Law Academy offers a wide range of practical, accessible, and interactive curricula for students.

How you can help

Street Law relies on the generous support of individuals, corporations, and foundations to broaden our reach and sustain our success. Your financial contribution assures that our vital educational programs will continue to have a positive, transformational effect on the lives of young people in Sweden. For more information on how you can contribute to Street Law, please visit our page: support us.

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